Our mypremiumplugins.com club membership offers you huge savings. Premium Plugins provides you a one-stop location to download and test all the premium GPL files available to all club members.

Our mypremiumplugins.com club membership provides you complete access to GPL products at huge discounts which saves you tons of money. Whether you are a website owner, freelancer or WordPress site developer you can benefit from downloading the same premium plugins, themes, add-ons or extensions that are being sold by 3rd party developers. We provide you the exact files from developers at one place at a huge discount. If you do not want automatic updates and support provided by developers our membership saves you lots of money. We always update our software & keep them updated.

GPL means General Public License. WordPress is open source software released under GNU General Public License (GPL). Please click here to read more about it.

WordPress was created by forking another GPL licensed project and almost all the top developers of plugins, themes, add-ons & extensions follow the GPL license. At mypremiumplugins.com we provide files which are fully licensed under GPL just like WordPress.

Definitely, we know the importance of updates & we try to provide you the latest updates as soon as we can. You will have access to updates and download area for the duration of your club membership. Our membership does not renew automatically. When your membership expires you can always renew the same anytime for any length.

When you buy our single item or bundled collection, We provide 365 days of updates as the developers update their files.

All these products are licensed under GNU GPL License and hence you do not require any license keys to use these tools.
But these tools use the license key to get the automatic update from their developers which can be purchased from original developers only.

Most of the plugins are updated within 48 hours of the original developer’s release. However, it can take up to 4 days in some cases.

Always perform a backup of your WordPress install before doing any updates.

The short answer is NO, you will not get technical support from us for the items available. If you need support or technical support you must buy the software or support directly from the developers.

Our club memberships are targeted towards people who develop WordPress websites or are WordPress freelancers or in general people who have some experience of handling WordPress themes & plugins. an example may be someone who needs to test if a plugin would solve their problem or not. Or someone who has experience with WordPress does not need support and does not want to break the piggy bank just to buy plugins worth thousands of dollars. Or a designer who needs a plugin for a project and the prices of plugins do not meet his budget.

Like many people, we do an online search for the issue at hand & spend our time to find the answer on our own. For most of the issues, we find answers via google search, wordpress.org form or other tech forums available for free.

For the full price paid at the developer site, you get the exact same files but you also get their direct support which we do not provide.

If in doubt or unsure, then always buy the support packages offered at the Developers website.

The privacy policy for mypremiumplugins.com can be found here.

The terms of service for mypremiumplugins.com can be found here.

Yes, all the WordPress files here at mypremiumplugins.com are 100% untouched – 100% authentic.

No, these files cannot be installed at WordPress.com

Files available at mypremiumplugins.com are for free self-hosted GPL software by WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a blogging service by WordPress & they control everything from hosting to plugins allowed. Some people move their blogs from wordpress.com to self-hosted versions & are able to install premium plugins and get more control over their website. Following links may interest you

Difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

How to move from wordpress.com to self hosted wordpress

No, we are not the developer of these files, these files are from 3rd party developers.

mypremiumplugins.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way related to 3rd party Developers. Including WordPress, WooCommerce, WooThemes, Elegant Themes, Rocketgenius Inc., GravityForms, iThemes, OnTheGoSystems, AppThemes etc.

Whenever you install a premium WordPress theme or plugin, let’s say a woocommerce extension, a message may show to input your license key.

The key is given to you if you purchase the files directly from the developers. It allows access to their tech support and automatic updates for a premium price which is many times higher than our prices & you are also restricted by the number of sites you may use that license on.

The key, however, is not the requirement for the theme or plugin to function. Some of these notices you will be able to dismiss, some, however, will be there forever. For others, there is code that you can insert into your functions.php so that these messages will not show.

Click here to go to our contact form & send your enquiry.

All the products that you see here are under GPL license. Thus we can distribute the same files to our GPL Premium Plugins Club members. Our club members save when they don’t need tech support or automatic updates.

Everything listed on our website whether it is WordPress plugins, themes or extensions, all are 100% open source GPL licensed software. We provide you the same files we receive from developers. High price at developer sites includes their direct support and automatic updates with files. We just provide the files only.

WordPress.org itself is an open source software and under the GPL license.

The GPL licensed software allows anyone to freely use, share, modify and redistribute the software as they please.

WordPress plugin, extension, and theme Developers who create derivative works (their files need WordPress software to function) are encouraged to adopt the same licensing structure as WordPress, and most do. This enables us to redistribute the software. Our club membership includes the work by premium developers such as: Elegant Themes, WooThemes, Gravity Forms, AppThemes, WPML and others at these lower club membership discount prices.

If you are new to using WordPress you should buy directly from the developers so that you can available their support which is excellent. If you have the money & can afford it, it is always a good idea to buy the product directly & support the developers. We also provide you the direct link to developers main website.

Are single premium WordPress plugin or theme with 365 days of updates are available for just $5?

Yes, the current pricing is just $5, we may change it in the future. This is not a subscription, however, your access to the product is for 365 days only. After which you may buy it again at current prices at that time.

Please have a look here at our mypremiumplugins.com Club Membership page, it includes all the details.

How many websites can I install these WordPress premium plugins or themes?

UNLIMITED, yes you read that right, you can install these themes or plugins on unlimited websites. That is one of the benefits of GPL, it allows you to install the software on any no. of sites.

Usually, developers offer their support for x amount of websites such as 1, 3, 5 or 25 websites etc. They are offering their tech support and automatic updates for x no. of websites. (Note: we neither provide support not automatic updates if you need them you should buy directly from developers.)

The first and foremost thing to do is backup your WordPress website, no matter what. Before making any changes you should backup your website.

Manually updating wordpress plugins and themes is easier than you think. It can be done using the file manager in the control panel, via ftp or using this wordpress plugin. Following links will be helpful to you:

How to update wordpress theme via ftp

How to update wordpress theme via cpanel file manager

How to update wordpress theme using easy theme & plugin upgrades.